Apple AirPods will now let you switch between devices
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Apple AirPods will now let you switch between devices

It was part of a raft of new features unveiled at the tech giant’s virtual conference

By Damian Jones

Apple Airpods Pro noise cancellation
Apple’s new Airpods Pro. CREDIT: Apple

Apple has announced plans to allow AirPods to switch between different devices.

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The automatic switch feature, which will apply to AirPods pro, second-generation AirPods, Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro, and Beats Solo Pro will allow users to switch between devices through their iCloud account.

This means that if AirPod users are listening to something on their phone, they can then watch a video on their computer, or answer a call while they’re listening to something on their laptop.


The new feature is part of Apple’s new updates for iOS 14, announced yesterday (June 22) at the tech giant’s first virtual World Wide Developers Conference.

Another feature for AirPods Pro earbuds also includes a “spatial audio” feature which will replicate a “movie theatre” level experience.

For the first time users will also be able to view all their installed apps in a list view called App Library which automatically sorts apps into large category folders or a searchable list.

Users can also hide apps from the rest of the home screen by hiding pages.

Apple launched the AirPods in 2016, releasing its second generation in March 2019.


Meanwhile, reports recently claimed the Facebook Gaming app is unlikely to be available on iOS devices anytime soon as it is seemingly in violation of Apple’s “rules.”

According to a report from the New York Times, Apple rejected the app for at least the fifth time despite it being released on April 20 on Android.

The article goes on to claim that Apple does not want its own App Store and Apple Arcade business to be affected.

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