Billie Joe Armstrong on the one Green Day album he’d make a sequel to
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Billie Joe Armstrong on the one Green Day album he’d make a sequel to

A good choice?

By Nick Reilly

Green Day
Billie Joe Armstrong. (Picture: Timothy Norris/Getty Images)

Billie Joe Armstrong has revealed that there is only one old Green Day record he would consider revisiting for a “part two”.

Posting on his Instagram stories, Armstrong wrote: “We would never make a ‘part two’ of any past Green Day album.

“But if we did it would be Insomniac…”


While Armstrong didn’t elaborate on his decision to choose the 1995 album, he previously opened up on how it was released at an overwhelming time for the band – coming a year after ‘Dookie’ set them on the road to global success.

“I was sort of lost at sea,” he said in an interview with Billie Eilish in 2019.

“There’s extreme highs, and you’re playing to a new audience really excited to hear you. But I think what was really important to me was being real. I think I worried about that too much, the part where you’re thinking, ‘I need to stay rooted at all costs.’ Sometimes I would get very hardheaded about that. And the record after that, Insomniac, was a really dark record. I was pretty numb to everything.”

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While not a sequel, he also revealed earlier this year that he’d keen to re-record Green Day’s 2000 album ‘Warning’.

“I’d like to go back and re-record that album,” Armstrong said. “I want to go back and just do everything more live, because I think ‘Minority’ live is a lot better than it came out on the album. But that’s just one of those things that you think about too much.”

Going deeper into the album, he remembered: “I started getting into playing more acoustic guitar, and I really wanted to have more for ‘Warning’. And there was also a lot of kind of bad pop-punk that was starting to happen, and I wanted to go against that genre. This felt like the next step.”


Meanwhile, Green Day recently confirmed plans to reissue ‘Insomniac’ to celebrate its 25th anniversary, with the release set to include recordings from a 1996 show in Prague.

However, due to coronavirus-enforced production delays, the vinyl edition of the reissue is not expected to ship until early 2021.

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