Dinosaur JR’s J Mascis – Does Rock’n’Roll Kill Braincells
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Dinosaur JR’s J Mascis – Does Rock’n’Roll Kill Braincells

By NME Blog

Dinosaur Jr did a legendary cover of The Cure’s ‘Just Like Heaven’, but which well-known female artist also had some success covering the same track?
“Um, I dunno (laughs).”
Wrong. Katie Melua did a version in 2005. Are you familiar with her?

After your first band Deep Wound broke up, where did your next band Mogo play their first and only gig before you formed Dinosaur?
“That will be Amherst Common. The singer Charlie was lying on the ground screaming ‘Fuck the cops!’ so that one ended pretty abruptly.”
Correct. We’d have very much liked to have seen that one



In the Adult Swim animated series Assy McGee, you voiced a pet store owner called JJ. What was the name of the episode in which you starred?
“The name of the episode? I dunno (laughs). That was a cool show, though.”
Wrong. It was called ‘Squirrels’, and was about protagonist Assy McGee’s fear of, er, squirrels


Dinosaur Jr performed their album ‘You’re Living All Over Me’ in its entirety as part of the first Don’t Look Back concerts in 2005. Can you name any of the other bands who also did album concerts that year?
“Dirty Three did ‘Ocean Songs’ in its entirety.”
Correct. Also performing albums in full were Belle And Sebastian, Cat Power, Gang Of Four, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Lemonheads, Melvins, Mudhoney, Múm, Sophia and The Stooges
“Cool. We’re coming to London this year to do it all again.”

Which Dinosaur Jr track features on the soundtrack to the 1993 film Wayne’s World 2?
“Um, ‘Out There’?”
“I’m a fan. I love that guy, Mike Myers.”

In the video for the J Mascis song ‘Not Enough’, you get eaten by a rabbit. But can you name another item that can be seen in its stomach?
“A toothbrush? I dunno what else was in there. You’ll have to tell me.”
Correct. There’s a toothbrush, some cheesy-puff-style crisps, a cassette tape and a load of flies


What is the correct term for a baby dinosaur? Or a junior dinosaur, if you will.
“Baby dinosaur cubs?”
Wrong. They can actually be referred to as hatchlings.


To the nearest 10,000, how many hits has your bizarre interview with an unknown lady called Maureen had on YouTube to date?
“(Long pause) 19,000. Maureen is the mother of Megan, who works at Sub Pop.”
Correct. It’s actually had 28,956 hits at the time of this interview
“Awesome. People seem to like it.”

San Francisco outfit The Dinosaurs made you guys add ‘Jr’ to your name for legal reasons, but what was their first album called?
“I have no idea. I’ve never heard any of their stuff.”
Wrong. Their debut album was called ‘Dinosaurs’. Staying on dino-themed bands, do you know where the group Dinosaur Pile-Up are from? There’s a bonus point in it for you
Wrong. They’re from Leeds


A few years ago, you and comedian David Cross were broadcast having a Guitar Hero 2 challenge against each other, but which track did you pick to play?
“I remember that. It was a Kiss song, or at least a band pretending to be Kiss. I think it was ‘Strutter’.”
Correct. Can you recall who won?
“It was my first time playing it, and I got, like, 80 per cent I think. But David won.”
That’s right, although you actually got a whopping 90 per cent. Strong work for a first attempt
“Pretty good.”

Total Score: 6/10

“Oh, great. After being in bands this long, I guess I’m happy with that. Thank you”

This article originally appeared in the May 14th issue of NME

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