Drumming sensation Nandi Bushell shares new original song ‘Gods and Unicorns’
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Drumming sensation Nandi Bushell shares new original song ‘Gods and Unicorns’

The track from Dave Grohl’s 10-year-old pal was co-written with Zuzu

By Will Richards

Nandi Bushnell writes Dave Grohl theme song
Nandi Bushell. Credit: YouTube

10-year-old drumming sensation Nandi Bushell has shared a new original song – listen to ‘Gods and Unicorns’ below.

The track follows a series of back-and-forth drum battles between Bushell and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl across lockdown.

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“My heart is full of pride! I am so excited for you to hear my new song I wrote with Zuzu,” Bushell wrote of the song. “On the song I play ALL the instruments [guitar, bass, drums, keyboard] myself. I wrote and recorded the song at home.”


The track’s co-writer, Liverpool-based songwriter and NME 100 alumni Zuzu, added: “GO NANDI!!! Go check out the bop we wrote together! She played EVERY SINGLE INSTRUMENT.”

Watch the video for ‘Gods and Unicorns’ below.

Last month, Grohl admitted defeat in his long-running battle with Bushell while speaking on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. “That kid is a force of nature”, he said, and likened the situation to squaring off with a school bully: “I’d be like, oh my God, I’m gonna get my ass kicked again”.

While meeting for the first time in a video interview organised by The New York Times, Grohl and Bushell agreed to write a new original song together.


“We should make a song together. Do you want to do that?” Grohl asked, to which Bushell responded: “Yes! Yeah, definitely.”

“Well, I’m not playing drums, I’ll tell you that,” Grohl joked in response.

The child rocker was noticed by Grohl after her take on Nirvana‘s ‘In Bloom’ went viral earlier this year. Grohl then responded to a challenge posed by Bushell in August in which the aspiring rocker challenged the 51-year-old to a drum-off through a video she posted of a cover of Foo Fighters’ hit song ‘Everlong’.

Grohl then composed Bushell her own superhero theme, which Bushell then duly responded to, penning Rock and Grohl – The EPIC Battle’.

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