Killer Mike condemns US Capitol riots: “It is evil. It is ‘I didn’t get my way-ism’”
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Killer Mike condemns US Capitol riots: “It is evil. It is ‘I didn’t get my way-ism’”

“We’ve done the Civil War once, and it didn’t work out well for this nation”

By Patrick Clarke

CREDIT: Prince Williams/Wireimage

Run The Jewels rapper Killer Mike appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers last night (January 6), where he condemned the storming of the U.S. Capitol building by a mob of Donald Trump supporters. 

Mike began by expressing his pride at the election of Democratic Senators John Ossoff and Raphael Warnock in his home state of Georgia that same day, the role the hip-hop community played in their victory, and the “integrity” of the state’s Republican Governor ad Secretary Of State in respecting the vote.

He then said that he found out about events in Washington D.C. when he was phoned by his 13-year-old daughter.


“It led me into a longer conversation with her, about how I admired the fact she participated in the political process by paying attention,” Mike said.

“I really wanted her to understand that the people at the Capitol, although I encourage protest for any American, I don’t encourage what we saw. Essentially it is violence, it is evil, it is ‘I-didn’t-get-my-way-ism’, it is the refusal to accept that this Republic is ran by the power of the vote and people have voted the old President out and the President-elect in and we need to accept that.”

He continued “I hope that all Americans plot, plan, strategise, organise and mobilise for a union post-this. We’ve done the Civil War once, it didn’t work out well for the region I grew up in in the South, and it didn’t work out well for this nation as a whole.”

Earlier today (January 7), a group of US lawmakers drew up Articles of Impeachment against Trump following the riots.


In the fallout from the riots, it has been revealed that a number of musicians took part in protests, including Ariel Pink, and Iced Earth guitarist John Schaffer.

Despite the ugly scenes, Congress has since convened once more to certify Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ victory in the U.S. election.

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