Lily Allen would have put her albums on vinyl “long ago” if she owned the masters
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Lily Allen would have put her albums on vinyl “long ago” if she owned the masters

And she “had nightmares trying to get things pressed” for her 2018 record ‘No Shame’

By Charlotte Krol

Lily Allen
Lily Allen performs live in 2018. CREDIT: Frank Hoensch/Redferns

Lily Allen has told fans she wishes she could have her albums repressed on vinyl.

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The singer was responding to a tweet after someone asked her about the possibility of getting her discography repressed, to which she revealed that she’s always wanted to but is unable to because she doesn’t own the master recordings.

A fan wrote on Twitter: “lily pleeeeease press your records on vinyl again!!! we are BEGGING!!!!!!” with Allen replying: “if i owned the masters i would have done it long ago.”


Allen added: “i had nightmares trying to get things pressed on NoShame, wanted to do limited edition of singles but was told it was too expensive.”

Another fan wrote: “Can you not re-record them like Taylor? Or is that really expensive to do?” Allen responded: “perhaps. maybe one day.”

Elsewhere in the Twitter conversations Allen hinted that new music is on the way. “Hopefully it won’t be too long now,” she wrote in response to a fan who said they were “eagerly awaiting” new music.


In related news, Celeste recently shared the advice that Allen gave to her when she was first starting out as a solo artist.

The two musicians have been acquainted for years, with Allen releasing Celeste’s debut single ‘Daydreaming’ on her label Bank Holiday Records in 2016.

Speaking to NME for a Big Read cover story last month, Celeste said of Allen: “She was helpful because she was quite honest.”

The BRITs Rising Star winner continued by sharing the advice Allen gave her when she was struggling with the quality of her songs. “She was like, ‘You just gotta keep writing songs’, in quite a stern way!” Celeste explained.

“I just thought, ‘Yeah, you’re right. I’m not just gonna get it overnight.’ I respected that.”

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