Listen to a 2021 version of Eminem’s ‘My Name Is’, created by an AI bot
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Listen to a 2021 version of Eminem’s ‘My Name Is’, created by an AI bot

The fake Slim Shady references Billie Eilish, Drake and Donald Trump

By Tom Skinner

Eminem performs live. CREDIT: Getty

Eminem‘s classic track ‘My Name Is’ has been reimagined for 2021 by an AI bot – listen below.

The original single was released back in 1999 and appears on Marshall Mathers’ second studio album, ‘The Slim Shady LP’.

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Earlier this month, the 30 Hertz YouTube channel posted a video titled ‘What if Eminem wrote “My Name Is” in 2021?’ which was created using AI technology. It has since registered over 685,000 views on the site.


The lyrics to the modern-day ‘My Name Is’ reference Billie Eilish‘s “bright green” hair (“you’re so edgy“), Drake, K-Pop and Twitter.

Got pissed off and ripped Donald Trump‘s wig clean off/ And smacked him so hard he had a heart attack like Rick Ross“, a later line goes.

“The voice is so perfect that it’s actually unsettling,” wrote one fan in regards to the realistic synthesised vocals. Another said: “He is roasting every singer out there I love it.”

The one-minute video serves as a preview to an upcoming full “2021 version” of ‘My Name Is’, which is currently “in the works”. You can find more details on that here.

Last November, 30 Hertz and the Calamity AI group created an ‘Eminem Deepfake Song’ in which the rapper took aim at Facebook owner Mark Zuckerburg.


“We inputted the title ‘Mark Zuckerberg Diss in the Style of Eminem’ and let the AI write the rest,” Calamity AI explained. “From there, we sent the lyrics to 30HZ, who synthesised and created the vocals.”

Meanwhile, Eminem has recently fallen victim to a TikTok campaign aiming to cancel the rapper over some of his controversial past lyrics.

Earlier this month, Slim Shady took aim at cancel culture with an animated music video for his latest single ‘Tone Deaf’. The song appears on ‘Music To Be Murdered By — Side B’, released last December.

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