Man goes wild camping alone, accidentally has “unbelievable weekend” at illegal rave
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Man goes wild camping alone, accidentally has “unbelievable weekend” at illegal rave

50 people turned up carrying speakers and DJ equipment

By Erica Campbell

Illegal Camping Rave
CREDIT: Hinterhaus Productions / Getty

A man who took a solo weekend camping trip through the Yorkshire Moors this weekend said he accidentally ended up attending an illegal rave.

According to Yorkshire Live, Oliver Broome had been hiking on Saturday (April 2), when his adventure took an odd turn after he found the “perfect spot” to relax for the night.

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“The first half of the night went as planned,” the Leeds-born 29-yea-old said. “I’d pitched up, made my dinner on my little stove and had a couple of beers. Around 10:30 pm I got in my sleeping bag to start winding down for the night. It was at this point it got strange. I could hear talking.”


He continued: “I could hear some lads talking and they seemed to be getting closer, obviously I’m in the middle of nowhere – I thought I was going to get murdered for sure.”

Broome then decided to jump out of his tent and confront the lads he heard talking, adding: “They didn’t know I was there.”

He then realized what was going on, noting that he “saw that they were carrying a speaker and then it all began making sense”. The 18-year-old ravers were then joined by more people, who according to Broome, turned the camp ground into “a nightclub” with speakers, DJ equipment, and lights.

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“It was only an illegal rave right next to my tent,” he said. “I had no choice but to get stuck in and join the party. I must say they were very accommodating, they supplied me with beers for the night.”

Broom said the event went on until 7am, with around 50 ravers playing loud techno music throughout the night. “The chances of something like this happening in the middle of nowhere are unbelievable,” he added.

Earlier this year, police shut down an illegal rave held in an under-construction police station in Amsterdam. Around 300 people were reportedly in attendance.

When police arrived, people were climbing over a fence surrounding the in-progress station to gain entry to the building. Holes were also cut in fences by party-goers, according to a police department spokesperson.

Two people – a 19-year-old and a 20-year-old believed to have organised the rave – were arrested and all of the sound systems used for the party were seized.

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