Mike Shinoda to release ‘Dropped Frames, Vol. 2’ later this week
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Mike Shinoda to release ‘Dropped Frames, Vol. 2’ later this week

He’s been busy working on new music in lockdown

By Tom Skinner

Linkin Park
Mike Shinoda. CREDIT: Press

Mike Shinoda is set to release ‘Dropped Frames, Vol. 2’ at some point later this week.

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The Linkin Park musician followed-up on his debut solo album ‘Post Traumatic’ (2018) with the Twitch-created ‘Dropped Frames, Vol. 1’ earlier this month, having kept himself busy with the project during the coronavirus-enforced lockdown.

Taking to Twitch yesterday (July 27), Shinoda shared a screenshot of three files on his computer’s desktop interface which had been positioned to present the following messages: “DROPPED FRAMES”, “VOLUME 2”, “COMING THIS WEEK”.


The upload was later captured by the Linkin Park Live Twitter fan account, which then shared the news with its followers. “Now that’s a unique way to announce a release! Sneaky, Mike,” the account captioned the post.

Shinoda told Forbes recently that he planned to release “at least three” ‘Dropped Frames’ records, adding that he’s “got the second one done and the third one is in progress”.

Speaking to NME upon the release of ‘Vol. 1’, Shinoda described the feel of his fan-aided project as “spontaneous”.

“A lot of the time with music I feel like I channel what’s happening in the moment,” he explained. “This stuff sonically comes from when it’s being created. We archived all of the Twitch episodes on YouTube so you can go back and see where it came from.”


He continued: “I know that when the Black Lives Matter protests were starting, the track we made that day was sombre and soulful. It was sonically appropriate for the kind of day that it was. That track didn’t make it onto this album, but it will be on a future volume.”

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