Miles Kane tells us about riding his “vibey” creative high as he unveils new single ‘Blame It On The Summertime’ and tour
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Miles Kane tells us about riding his “vibey” creative high as he unveils new single ‘Blame It On The Summertime’ and tour

Miles talks about the ‘shoulder-shaking’ new style of his next album, barely a year after ‘Coup De Grace’

By John Earls

Miles Kane Blame It On The Summertime
Miles Kane, in a rare moment of relaxation

Miles Kane has told NME how he’s suddenly become so prolific that he’s fighting to get all his new songs out, on the announcement of brand new single ‘Blame It On The Summertime’.

Kane will roadtest further new tunes on a newly-announced tour in October, which includes a headline show at Neighbourhood Festival in Manchester.

Kane last spoke to NME in July at Mad Cool Festival, when he unveiled new single ‘Can You See Me Now’ and hinted at a “camp and frantic” new direction for his music, just a year after the release of his third album ‘Coup De Grace‘.


While ‘Coup De Grace’ was co-written with Jamie T and Lana Del Rey, Kane has revealed his new songs don’t feature any big name collabs. He expanded on how his next album is shaping up – and revealed he might with Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, the new Noel Gallagher-approved rockers who are supporting Kane on his October tour.

Tickets for the new tour go on general sale at 9am on Friday (September 6) with a pre-sale starting 9am tomorrow (September 5). Full dates are below. Check out our interview with Kane…

How did ‘Blame It On The Summertime’ come about?

“All this year, I’ve been sharing a room with my mate, a songwriter and producer called Jamie Biles. We have a little set-up in Hackney. Every time I’m not on tour, we go in there and write, prepare demos. It’s been non-stop, I’m feeling really creative and now ‘Blame It On The Summertime’ is coming out – only just in time for summer, I know! As the title says, it’s a real summer song. I’ve just got back from Ibiza after three days shooting the video.”

Did you get time to party in Ibiza?

“Sadly not. Charlie Lightening made the video – he directed Liam Gallagher’s documentary, As It Was. I told Charlie I needed the video to be sunny, and we were running out of time and suitable places to go. The video’s got the vibe of that classic ‘80s video of ‘Long Hot Summer’ by The Style Council – wild, a bit of humour and singing into camera to a beautiful backdrop.”

You’ve released two brand new singles barely a year after your last album. It seems like you’re in a confident place…


“Yeah, touch wood, I think I am. I’m not questioning or second-guessing these new songs. It’s like my mother always says, ‘Follow the gut feeling’. In a lot of things, I’m going with the gut. That’s always the best way, and that’s the path I’m on.”

As ‘Coup De Grace’ only came out last year, presumably your record company hadn’t been stressing about getting new songs from you?

“There’s been no pressure, it’s all come from me. I feel I’m getting better and better. I’ve really been enjoying ‘Coup De Grace’ – I love the new band and the gigs have been mega. I’ve been enjoying it so much that, even when I’m home, I just want to write. It’s been me pushing it all – it’s been me pushing to get these songs out so fast, to be honest.”

Will you be testing other new songs out on the tour in October?

“There are lots of songs written. I’ve got more studio time this month and, yeah, there are songs that are close to being ready which just need a little bit more producing. I want to write a couple more songs, but there’s something taking shape and there could be a new record soon. I just need to get back in there for a couple of weeks and reassess everything. There are more than enough songs for a new album, it’s a case of choosing which ones aesthetically fit. ‘Blame It On The Summertime’ would definitely fit on the new record. It’s got rock n’ roll, but with a bit of Motown. At the start of the year, the new songs were on a glam tip that would have fitted on ‘Coup De Grace’ but, since then, my songs have had a bit more of a Motown and disco shoulder shake to them. It’s going from your tiptoes to your shoulder shake.”

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard are supporting you on the tour, after you raved about them to NME at Mad Cool. Any chance of doing a collab with them?

“My cousin told me about them a while ago and I’m a massive fan. When I saw the video for ‘Late Night City’, where the singer (Tom Rees) has a blue dress on, I thought ‘Yeah, this is what I love!’ Tom’s confident in himself, a great frontman, and they’ve got such a great vibe. The singer’s persona and their songs, it’s right up my alley. I saw them a couple of weeks ago in Dalston and they were amazing. I really believe in them and I can’t wait for them to tour with us. Who knows what could happen from there?”

Who else are you looking to work with on the new songs as well as Jamie Biles?

“It’s mostly just been me and Jamie, though Paul Butler co-wrote ‘Blame It On The Summertime’. I was talking about potential producers and I really liked Paul back to when he was in The Bees. Paul lives in America now, but he came over for a couple of days and it was a really vibey session. He’d come over to look at producing some other tunes, but we started writing this song and you can hear a bit of The Bees in there, in the jangly guitar. ‘Blame It On The Summertime’ fell out of us on the first day, but it’s all we’ve done together. I’d love to do more with Paul, but the rest has been me and Jamie.”

Speaking of Jamies, you co-wrote all of ‘Coup De Grace’ with Jamie T. Any plans for more with him?

“Not lately. Jamie is a good mate, but he’s cracking on with his new record. I’m eager for him to finish it, as I reckon that’ll be mega.”

You also co-wrote your single ‘Loaded’ from ‘Coup De Grace’ with Lana Del Rey. Have you stayed in touch?

“No, and I’ve not heard Lana’s new album (‘Norman F***ing Rockwell’)  yet, I’ve not had a promo or anything. But I liked the couple of tunes she had out recently.”

You sing about having “No time for complications” in ‘Blame It On The Summertime’. Is your life free and easy right now?

“Well, I like touching on personal feelings. I feel quite confident in talking about how I feel in songs now, whether I’m feeling good or worried and anxious. It’s healthy to talk about that. And sometimes, you realise you’re just better off without other people, or whatever it might be.”

How big a thrill is headlining Neighbourhood Festival as part of the tour?

“It’s great to still have new achievements after this length of time. I’m still climbing up that ladder, and buzzing off it. Neighbourhood is in Manchester, which is always great, so that should be a wild one. It’s been a rollercoaster – I’ve been up there and come back down. Maybe a few years ago, I’d have been impatient for these things to happen. But so long as I’m still enjoying it, and putting out new songs that in my eyes are getting better and better, that’s what makes me happy. I know that sounds humble and boring, but that’s the truth!”

Miles Kane’s upcoming tour dates are:

Wednesday October 9 – Southend Chinnery
Thursday October 10 – Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Friday October 11 – Bristol SWX
Saturday October 12 – Neighbourhood Festival at Manchester Academy (Headlining)
Monday October 14 – Hull Welly Club
Wednesday October 16 – London Electric Ballroom
Thursday October 17 – Leeds Wardrobe
Friday October 18 – Newcastle Boiler Shop
Saturday October 19 – Edinburgh Liquid Room

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