One Republic’s Ryan Tedder Gives Ten Teasers For Their Apple Music Festival Show
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One Republic’s Ryan Tedder Gives Ten Teasers For Their Apple Music Festival Show

By Nick Levine

In association with Apple Music Festival

1 You’ll get a sneak preview of our new album
“We have three songs from the album nailed – but the problem is, there are 16 to learn!”

2 Peter Gabriel might come on
“He features on the album, so I’m trying to talk him into performing with us. Right
now, I reckon it’s 60:40. I’m fairly optimistic.”


3 We tailor our show to the venue
“We play to the person furthest back in the audience. If I did grand, arena-sized gestures in an intimate venue like the Roundhouse, I’d look like an idiot. My attention to detail is super-heightened in a smaller venue.”

4 Our skills will surprise you
“Because we’re a commercial band, people don’t expect a high degree of musicality. But there’s a guy in our band who’s getting his masters in classical composition and plays, like, seven instruments. People will leave feeling like they’ve had a true musical experience.”

5 My voice will surprise you
“Honestly, it sounds better live than on the radio.”

6 A One Republic show is a communal experience
“We have people aged between 15 and 55 at our shows. At the risk of sounding cheesy, I want it to feel like everyone’s a family. We have pub singalong moments.”

7 We might even take you to church
“Church in a good way – think gospel. If you’ve had a s**t day, you’ll leave feeling better than when you arrived.”


8 Our house banger will get everyone dancing
“Alesso remixed our song ‘If I Lose Myself’. If we close our set with it, without fail people leave with a sense of euphoria. That’s the trump card the whole DJ culture has – it’s almost unfair how well it works.”

9 I’ve learned not to talk too much on stage
“I used to be Adele-level chatty, but now I gauge the mood. The audience almost gets into a state of reverence on certain songs and if you crack a joke, even if it’s the funniest s**t ever, you can pull them out of that moment.”

10 I wanna be like Bruce Springsteen
“A country music star told me his secret to a great show: ‘If people pay $50 a ticket, I give them a $100 show.’ That stuck with me. I treat each show like I’m about to get fired and have to earn the right to come back. I wanna be like Bruce Springsteen and entertain from start to finish.”

One Republic will play the Apple Music Festival on September 21

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