Starting Line
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  • Post published:30/06/2021
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[Verse 1]
In and out of focus
Moments that I keep
Something for the pain
And something so I sleep
Won’t you comfort me?
Warm the air that I breathe
Visceral in doses
Hiding in the seams
Standing on the sun and I don’t feel a thing
Won’t you comfort me?
Take the fear I don’t need

I wake up every morning with the years ticking by
I’m missing all these memories, maybe they were never mine
I feel the walls are closing
I’m running out of the time
I think I missed the gun at the starting line

[Verse 2]
Tell mе, am I broken?
I can never lеave
Biting on my tongue and
Checking if it bleeds
Oh, Is it lost on me?
All the things I believe
Something like an omen I can never keep
Moving on and on, so very bittersweet
Is it lost on me?
All the things I don’t need

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