Ted Nugent claims to have “knocked the shit out of COVID”
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Ted Nugent claims to have “knocked the shit out of COVID”

He contracted the virus in April

By Charlotte Krol

Ted Nugent performs live in 2020. CREDIT: Scott Hasse/ZUMA Wire/Alamy Live News

Ted Nugent said he’s “knocked the shit out of COVID”, claiming that a diet of supplements, hydroxychloroquine and organic vegetables helped him recover from the disease.

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The rock musician said in a new livestream that he beat the disease he previously declared was “a leftist scam” by following a lifestyle endorsed by right-wing political organisation, America’s Frontline Doctors, who promoted the use of hydroxychloroquine in fighting COVID-19 despite the Malaria medication being debunked.

He told his wife Shemane in a video broadcast on Sunday (May 9): “I eat in smart proportions, and I eat wild game, and I eat organic vegetables by the bucketful” [via Blabbermouth].


“I have good natural juice that Shemane makes for me. We take the Isagenix, a type of vitamins. And, of course, since the Wuhan virus assault took place way back in 2019, we have pounded the zinc. All my life, I’ve taken the B12, vitamin D – D fortifies your immune system – a solid C, and now I’m taking the elderberry, and I take zinc every day.”

He continued: “And I was on the hydroxychloroquine and the ivermectin and the steroids, along with those good vitamins, and I knocked the shit out of this Chinese virus after about a week. Some of my buddies, many of whom got the vaccine and still got the Chinese virus. They wore masks, and they still got the Chinese virus. They social distanced and they still got the Chinese virus. So, c’mon! Who believes the CDC or Fauci?”

Nugent isn’t a medical professional. His claims that taking hydroxychloroquine is effective at treating coronavirus, which was advised by former US President Donald Trump, were debunked in November by the US government’s National Institutes of Health.

Last month, Nugent opened up about his recent battle with COVID-19, saying he’s “never been so scared in all my life”.

Nugent announced in April that he had contracted the virus, before denying that he had previously called coronavirus a hoax. The controversial right-wing singer has attracted criticism for his views on the ongoing pandemic over the last year.


Earlier this month, it was revealed that Nugent tested positive for the disease one week after performing maskless at an event in Florida.

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