Vomit! Broken bones! Oasis! Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly on wild nights out and working together
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Vomit! Broken bones! Oasis! Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly on wild nights out and working together

What’s better than us interviewing one person? Two artists interviewing each other, of course. We present to you, Band vs Band with Machine Gun Kelly and Yungblud.

By Thomas Smith

When Machine Gun Kelly and Yungblud are around each other chaos ensues. At Reading Festival this past weekend, the pair collaborated twice to perform their joint track ‘I Think I’m Okay’, which also features Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker. Backstage, well, it’s absolute carnage there too.

Seeing as they’re good pals, we sat the pair down to talk about their friendship and how they work together. First, they spoke about the time that Yungblud just “walked into” MGK’s house without knocking to work on music together, and how Yungblud – real name Dom – walked into the booth to freestyle his vocals. “You had this song and I was nervous because I didn’t know what it was going to be like,” Yungblud says. “It’s been pretty crazy playing that song all over the world.”

Then, things got a little bit messier. The pair told us about the time they did Oasis’ ‘Supersonic’ at karaoke together, which one of them is Liam or Noel and how Yungblud broke his hand at a recent night out together. 

Then they spilled the beans on the time MGK crowd-surfed from his tour bus to the front door of The Roxy in Los Angeles, and where the pair watched a punter vomit onto another’s face while performing. They then got a bit more intimate, telling us about Yungblud’s odd FaceTime positions, just how messy MGK’s bedroom is and which of each other’s songs they love the most. 

Told you it’d get a bit silly. Watch the full video with Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly above.

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